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  • What Is Your Return Policy?
    Due to the nature of our products we DO NOT accept returns. However we do accept an exchange IF we (the company) have made an error with your order. For sanitary reasons, we cannot resale hair that has been handled by another customer.
  • What types of caps do we use?
    Closure units are constructed using a mesh or vented cap. Frontal wigs are constructed on a mesh dome cap with elastic band.
  • What type of hair does Yummy Candi Collection provide?
    We provide quality 2 donor virgin hair and high quality RAW 1 donor hair
  • What"s The Difference Between Virgin and Raw Hair
    This is a great question because there is a huge difference between them! Virgin hair is sourced from China and is processed either by chemicals or steam to create many different textures while raw hair is the natural textures/pattern provided by a donor. Raw hair is sourced from several different countries such as India, Vietnam, Burma and the Philippines. True 100% raw hair would never come from China. Raw hair also would not create many different textures because the donors would have many natural variations of loose wavy, natural wavy or more of a wavy/curly texture.. The quality of raw hair is the most sought after because of it's longevity however keep in mind that quality comes at a higher price. Unfortunately hair sourced from China is a gamble so make sure you are purchasing from a reputable company such as Yummy Candi Collection. Watch this informative video to help you understand more:
  • What is the difference between Malaysian, Brazilian, Peruvian and Mink Hair?"
    Can we be honest? At the end of the day these origin name types of hair does not exist. Naming hair types after "exotic" countries is a marketing tactic to make consumers think that one type is more luxurious than the other. All virgin hair is Chinese hair that's either been chemically or steam processed to achieve the many different textures.
  • How do I know what my correct cap size is for a wig to be made?
    We offer 3 standard cap sizes for our closure units S 21-22 inches M 22-23 inches and L 23-24 inches circumference Custom orders will require proper measurements. Please see video attached.
  • Why is signature required on all orders?
    Unfortunately there are dishonest people that will order and receive orders however report that they did not receive. All orders over $150 must have signature required to protect the company. Also, the mailing address and name provided to payment processor must match the name and mailing address provided to Yummy Candi Collection or the order will be canceled.
  • Is wholesale an available option on the hair care products?
    YES. We offer wholesale only on our natural hair care products. Please contact us directly for those options.
  • Are the Naturally Crowned products natural and safe for children?
    Our haircare products are natural. Free of silcones and parabens. The ayurvedic shampoo bar contains cleasning powders that may not be completely dissolved. It's very important to keep away from eyes and supervise children.
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