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Are You TOO Rough With Your Hair Extensions?

Hey Glam Fam!


Let's have a heart-to-heart about the TLC your fabulous hair extensions deserve! We've all invested in those quality extensions, and we all want the curls and shine to stay on point.  So, why not be a bit more gentle with those strands to ensure they keep turning heads for as long as possible?


Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room: Are you giving your hair extensions the love they need? No judgment here – we've all been a bit too rough at times! But trust me, a little extra care can work wonders in preserving that luxurious luster.


Here's a little nugget to think about: Ever thought about how you're brushing your extensions? Unlike hair attached to a scalp, your extensions are delicately sewn onto a track and lace. They must be handled with care and patience.


Here Are 5 Ways To Extend The Longevity of Your Extensions:


1. Brushing Technique - Time to spill the tea on your brushing game! Patience is the secret sauce. Start from the bottom, using a gentle detangling brush or a wide-tooth comb. No tugging or pulling, please – unnecessary stress is not a vibe we want for our extensions.


2. Heat Styling Habits - That curling iron or straightener might be tempting, but here is the scoop: excessive heat can be easily damage your extensions. Protect them with heat products and keep the temperature under 400 degrees F for that sleek, healthy look.


3. Washing Routine - Ah, the washing routine – it's all about finding that sweet spot. Overwashing can be a mood spoiler, stripping away oils and leaving your extensions dry. For daily wear or sew-in tracks, try co-washing every two weeks with a moisturizing conditioner. Toss in a sulfate-free shampoo when needed to remove product build-up.


4. Sleeping Practices - Believe it or not, your beauty sleep impacts your extensions. Swap your pillowcase for satin or silk to reduce friction and prevent tangling. If you've invested in a glueless wig, place it on a wig stand instead of sleeping in it.


5. Professional Maintenance - Don't forget the VIP treatment! Schedule those appointments with your stylist for trims and adjustments. Yep, extensions need trims too! They'll sprinkle some magic tips and tricks on your specific extensions or catch more tips


So there you have it – a gentle reminder to shower your hair extensions with extra love. Remember, a little effort goes a long way in preserving their shine and keeping you slaying!


Questions or need a chat about your extensions? Slide into my DMs on Instagram @yummycandicollection anytime. I'm here to help!


Until next time, keep those locks gorgeous!

Yummy Candi Collection


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