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Our Chebe' and Moringa Sealing Butter is a handmade, smooth and conditioning hair butter that is infused with chebe and moringa herbs. This butter is designed to seal in moisture and promote length retention, making it a must-have for natural hair care. The combination of chebe and moringa herbs provides additional nourishment and strength to the hair, leaving it healthy and vibrant. Use this butter as a final step in your hair care routine for optimal results.


🌱What’s Chebe’? It is formulated to keep your hair extremely moisturized and lubricated, hence, preventing breakage

🌱What’s Moringa? The minerals in the powder will help to increase hair thickness and shininess. Helps to form Keratin in the hair: Moringa boosts the cells needed to create protein for healthy amounts of keratin in your hair.


Styling use:

Bantu Knots

Braid Out

Twist Out


🔶Stops Breakage

🔶Strengthens Hair

🔶Prevents Dryness



Chebe' and Moringa Sealing Butter

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